Overview Of Executive Education


An overview of Professional Executive Management Education Programmes

Conducted by Prudent Executive Management Institute. PEMI



  •  Professional Executive Management Education is aimed at broadening the outlook and strengthening the skills of practicing managers to prepare them for the changing roles of managers in a ever changing business world. Here participants obtain valuable insights from extensive interaction with their counterparts from other organizations and resource persons on latest developments in management concepts and its applicability in the emerging global context.

  • Traditional Management hierarchies are crumbling as more dispersed and virtual organizations are becoming  the norm. Global markets and supply sources are affecting every organization, irrespective of size across industries. The intellectual content of work is changing dramatically. Organizations are striving to improve on their response time, the quality of products and services. Now, the new age manager’s challenges are to respond to intense competitive pressure and manage horizontally across all the organizational functions which   demand acquiring new skill sets. The changing needs of all stakeholders, be it owners, employees, customers, suppliers, government, the community and the environment, are affecting business decisions.

  • Therefore Professional executive  management courses from  Prudent Executive Management Institute (PEMI) are aimed at helping practicing managers  respond to these requirements and face inevitable  changes in competitive environment by   preparing  themselves  for acquiring academic inputs like Executive General Management Programmes. EGMP.


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