Objectives & Goal 


"To inculcate habit of practicing “Prudence” among its students to become “Prudent Professionals” valuable to corporate.“

Business and risk go together. Ability to exercise abundant caution, pragmatism and foresightedness are pre requisites for modern day Business Managers. Also business enterprises need and appreciate senior professionals exhibiting “Prudence” and “Diligence “while taking business decisions. The objective of Prudent Executive Management institute (PEMI) is to inculcate “Prudence” among its students by making them aware of nuances of business processes and judge impact of their decisions by its holistic approach to management education, to provide much sought after “Prudent Professionals” to Business enterprises. Hence at PEMI we endeavour to   provide core business courses and stress on inter relationships of all business processes that are fundamental for successful decision making in a highly competitive global market. 


To differentiate between capable professional vs qualified professional

 The goal of PEMI is to create a learner centric educational eco system of higher learning for Business professionals where knowledge is acquired for its own sake free from constraint of traditional governmental and bureaucratic intervention. The student and the teacher are the only stake holders similar to ancient Indian tradition of apprenticeship of GURUKULA System where Guru and shishya decide the eligibility for success, but all within the frame work of a prior accepted frame work supervised by eminent persons in the field of management education in the country.


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— Prudent Executive Management Institute (PEMI) 
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