Why choosing Prudent’s EGMP is the best choice for working executives?

At PEMI we value your time and your commitment to grow and our role is to provide you access to quality knowledge and expertise in Management education. Hence PEMI is not affiliated to any government controlled regulatory bodies like Universities, UGC, AICTE, NAAC etc and hence outside their purview .

This unique and bold stand of PEMI will provide PEMI following advantages:

  1.  Ability to adopt quickly, to tune the course structure, syllabus and delivery methods and place of delivery (physical location) keeping in view the needs and aspirations and constraints of working professionals in order to add value to their professional growth to become performers. PEMI has total flexibility of framing the syllabus, delivery, evaluation and certification to set higher standards in professional management education keeping in view industry requirements and professional’s time constraints. There is no need to seek approvals from bureaucratic university syndicates, follow chaotic university examination systems, and follow minimum attendance criteria and other archaic time consuming bureaucratic procedures.
  2. Capacity to attract top end professional management faculty on contract basis for all the subjects taught and delivered in contact based classes on weekends,( unlike correspondence courses) to facilitate live interactions which is not possible for regular MBA colleges since they have to allocate work load irrespective of their competency  to their permanent faculty whose teaching quality cannot be ascertained. At PEMI Coaching is offered from high caliber faculty who are hired for their performance and delivery on contract basis unlike tenure oriented permanent faculty at regular MBA colleges. Thus teaching quality is assured.

  3. Ability to provide tests and exams on demand because, limited number of genuinely interested students are admitted to courses (A class of 30 numbers only). At PEMI tests are conducted by faculty themselves who can evaluate overall performance of their students and grade them in a transparent way and Personally vouch for their student’s capability  to anyone instead of elaborate third party  exam systems of universities ridden with archaic procedures.

  4. We believe professionals who enroll for PEMI are responsible for themselves, and respect the authority of their teachers. More over they know the value of their time and money invested to acquire knowledge. Hence we expect that classroom ambience will be highly conducive for fruitful interactions between faculty and students.

  5. Course from PEMI will fill the management education gap faced by  qualified professionals specially from technical back-ground who have joined the work force before completing a formal 2 year university MBA course and who are in need of formal management education and certificate with in one year by attending contact classes  to make a transition to business development and  leadership roles as  CEOs.

  6. PEMI being a private institute and hence is accountable to fulfill the promises made especially for professional management courses. So naturally we strive for highest commitment because of prestige factor involved for total customer satisfaction and service excellence (unlike bureaucratic   universities) 


Talk to us. Let us help you to successfully achieve your management educational goals. 

— Prudent Executive Management Institute (PEMI) 
Registered under MSME Act 2006: Govt Of INDIA