"To Empower the Professional Executive students to reach their potential.”


PEMI is committed to advancing new knowledge, ensuring operational excellence and leading change in field of Professional Management education. Student executives will be exposed to emerging theories and practices that address societal and business issues. As a result the “Prudent" students will deepen their level of understanding and markedly widen their business perspective to contribute to organizations they serve by their value addition.


"To create an educational eco system for acquiring and applying Business Knowledge to generate career opportunities for knowledge workers by enhancing their employability.”


To offer dynamic learning environment addressing the corporate requirement (not government) by creating a mature, flexible and at the same time accountable business learning eco system and to identify the opportunities for professional students to go Global. 



Talk to us. Let us help you to successfully achieve your management educational goals. 

— Prudent Executive Management Institute (PEMI) 
Registered under MSME Act 2006: Govt Of INDIA