Admission Process

What is the admission process?

General Admissions Procedures 

A student's application must be complete, including all the required documentation and payment arrangements, before he or she can begin attending classes. As soon as an applicant's file is complete, it is processed and the applicant is notified of the decision of selection by email. The decision to admit a student to EGMP course of PEMI  is made by the Admissions Committee. In evaluating applicants to PEMI, the Office of Admissions considers candidates’ potential for success, both while in institute and after graduation. The desired qualities a successful applicant possesses are assessed in terms of student’s fit to PEMI curriculum and career plans. 

A. Pre- admission process :

Short listing of the eligible candidates will be done on following basis :

  1. Facts provided in the application form
  2. PMEI Aptitude Test (PAT)
  3. Statement of purpose for enrollment written by the student
  4. Profile of the student ie CV
  5. Personal interviews to assess the capability of students to undergo the rigor of the course work.

B. Post- admission process :

For shortlisted candidate, a formal admission letter will be issued   indicating the formalities to be completed before enrolling to courses.

     On receipt of admission intimation the prospective students must furnish following documents to admissions office.

  1. Graduation/Highest qualification certificates copy and originals for verification

  2. Work experience certificate from current organization where the student works.

  3. Two reference letters, academic and professional.

  4. 5 copies of passport size photos along with a soft copy.

  5. The prospective student must accept in writing adherence to Code of conduct and responsibilities assigned by the institute. 

C. Continuous Enrollment :

All EGMP and other Certificate course  students are required to keep active status from the date of commencement of their first course through the final course in their program. Students who discontinue their studies with PEMI, then wish to resume their studies at a later date will be required to pay any unpaid tuition  fees prior to receiving permission to resume study. After one year of absence, the student is required to pay a reactivation fee to reactivate his or her status as an active student. Each student must graduate within the maximum time of completion of 2 years. Any student requiring additional time will need approval by the Director. 

Address Change :

It is important for us to have current mailing addresses as well as email address since most of the correspondence for course work happens through e mails and web portal. If you change your address, you must notify to the office of the director by email, mail, or fax. and obtain a proof of acknowledgement in your interest.



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