Course Requirements

What is the course completion requirement?

Student Assessment is the core of any educational system…..

At PEMI, students are graded by respective course faculty on their performance in tests and submitted assignments. The student must demonstrate active participation in the classroom discussion forum as well as an understanding of the assigned readings. A typical course also includes final exam. Grades and instructor feedback are given within one month of the completion of tests and assignment submission date. 

  • Subject wise evaluation is followed for EGMP. For each subject the respective course faculty would decide on the number of assignments, tasks, presentations, seminars.  Also, faculty would decide on the weightage to be given for tests and assignments. The final composite score of each student would facilitate to determine the grade for the respective course by respective faculty.  
  • Generally the examination in each subject consists of two parts; internal and final.  The internal component of examination could be in the form of tests, assignments, presentations, group assignments, quizzes: announced or unannounced.  The choice of the test and weightage are up to the discretion of the faculty.  The internal composite score criteria for 50 marks could be announced at least a week before the start of that course.  The final examination would be conducted for 100 marks for three hours duration.  The composite score for the entire course and the final grade would be handled  by the Academic Standards committee (ASC).


 The grading is done on a five point scale.  Five letter grades are assigned. Based on grade acquired in each course, grade points would be assigned.  The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) would be computed to assess the trend in performance.  The overall CGPA would be computed with number of course credit as the weight for each course (OCGPA).  The OCGPA levels determine the successful completion the course by a student.  

  • The student grade problems would be addressed to the Academic Standards Committee (ASC).  The decision of the ASC is final and binding on the students.

Course conduct and regulations

A student is expected to be self disciplined. Deception, cheating in any form, plagiarism or copying, untimely submission of assignments or indulging in violation of rules or norms of examinations are not accepted.  The ASC will take strict action against such students which may lead to expulsion from the programme. 


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