Objectives of EGMP

What are the objectives and intended benefits of Prudent’s  EGMP course?

  • EGMP focuses on equipping students to develop leadership and management skills for doing business in the challenging multi cultural business environments. 

  • EGMP from PEMI prepares students to function in an increasingly competitive business environment by stressing the mastery of the fundamentals of business that span functional areas such as finance, marketing, operations and HR management. Students have the opportunity to practice these skills through real-world case studies as well as through integration of their knowledge in actual work-related projects. The program develops ethical and socially responsible decision makers in solving problems across the functional areas of a firm.

  • This programme is completely  contact based instructor led which means that students as well as faculty experience intimate knowledge about each other to facilitate both the teacher and the taught to address learning issues then and there itself.

  • EGMP Programme is a novel programme that functions in an authentically Senior Management context. Every possible aspect of the programme has been customized to concentrate on the needs of participants and their companies. Deviating from the mould of the functional 'silos' so common in management education, the Programme is instead structured around senior General managerial 'mindsets'.

  • Professional Education is every CEO's strategic weapon. With this contact-based programme, the students will be able to set the 'pace' of their learning progress in their respective companies while keeping their respective current position. 

  • The design of this programme provides busy professionals, the right environment to 'learn' and 'practice' at the same time.  Therefore classes are scheduled on weekends. 

  • This programme helps professionals gain a competitive advantage over their colleagues, and develop business insights, which only contact-based management education can provide. 

EGMP  helps senior professionals to update their General Management skills. The level of experience & insights that faculty and  students individually bring to the programme acts as catalysts for improved and accelerated learning about a wide variety of industries.

Upon completion of the EGMP program at PEMI, students will be able to:

Apply the “Body of Knowledge” in business, including finance, marketing, Human Relations, operations in General Management context.

Use analytical tools and methods to support evidence-based decisions.

Develop effective and flexible leadership skills.

Demonstrate accomplished oral and written communication skills in business.

Perform critical and creative thinking to develop new markets and solve business problems.

Analyse ethical and legal issues in the global business world.


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