Here are few opinions expressed by executive students who enrolled earlier for autonomous contact based Executive Management courses and derived benefits instead of opting University conducted courses.

PEMI Student feedback :

  • Executive Name: Mr.Arun Kumar
    Contact Mail Id: jarun.1980@gmail.com
    Qualification: BE(ECE)
    Cell no: +91-9632219526

    I am ArunKumar, from Electronics and Communications Engineering background. I have overall ~13.5 years of experience. Initially I started my career with implementing physical layer algorithms for ADSL. Then I moved over to GSM/GPRS (2G) - worked in various R&D aspects – algorithm implementation, system engineering aspects like power management and customer support. Then I started working on LTE (4G) with focus areas being Measurements, TDD, Carrier Aggregation. I have experience on both the UE and eNodeB side. I have worked for Texas Instruments, Nokia, Renesas Mobile and Octasic. I am currently looking into Product Management for Octasic Technologies.

    I wanted to get exposure to Management education to further advance my career. I initially enrolled myself for a 1 year distance MBA. But found it difficult to make progress as it was entirely self study based and there was no scope for interaction with faculty. Then I came across Prudent Executive Management Institute, PEMI which was just like “what the doctor ordered” for me, with excellent faculty, and great interactive learning atmosphere, regular classes, with convenient timing enforcing me to make progress - all at an affordable price.

    The regular classes and the enthusiasm of the faculty enabled me to learn the fundamental subjects of management and enabled me to get a good exposure to business practises.

    All faculties are very involved. The amount of effort they take to customize the classes according to our needs is remarkable. They always answer your questions both during the classes and later as well. The amount of real world examples and insights they have provided is priceless .Service and Infrastructure are quiet adequate. The place is in a quiet corner, conducive for intellectual discussions.

    We, executives need a right company of friends who can make classroom experience positive and enjoyable and add value. It was a pleasure to enjoy the company of likeminded peers who always cooperated and enjoyed team work.

    Prof. Viswanath, Director, is the key figure behind this course. He has played a vital role in getting the senior faculties and also arranging special lectures from industry experts on various subjects. He understands each individual, his style of learning and what he/she misses and accordingly advices them. For the amount of value to be derived (fundamentals with relevant industry insights) the price, is a fraction of what other Management Institutes charge.

    EGMP has de-mystified the world of management to me. It has given me the confidence that with appropriate effort anyone can contribute to the managerial aspects of an organization. My eventual goal is to be an entrepreneur and this course has imbibed in me the fundamental tools that are necessary to be successful in that.

    I came here expecting to get “theoretical/text-book” level introduction on fundamental management subjects. I got that and much more – insights from industry veterans, challenges faced by actual entrepreneurs and above all confidence that I can also contribute managerially to an organization.

    My appeal to anyone, especially experienced professionals, considering a one year weekend Management programme – PEMI is right up there with the best. For those yet to consider EGMP, believe me it is really worth one’s time and money and you will be much more aware person enabling you to be far more impactful in your profession.

  • Executive Name: Mr.Jeyasekar
    Contact Mail Id: jeyasekar@gmail.com
    Qualification: B.Tech(Electronics)
    Cell no: +91-9845125618

    My name is Jeyasekar. I have done my B.Tech Electronics Engineering from Anna University Chennai and then started my career as IT specialist. I have handled senior roles in IT and worked for prestigious organizations like Wipro, IBM etc .I Always had the feeling that I missed something which is a formal education like MBA for many years. Initially I explored contact, distant, web-based classes in Bangalore, found them too Academic. Then, I approached PEMI which attracted me because of their approach, the faculty, contact classes, not losing self-respect (Executive approach).After joining PEMI, took a deep breath for 52 Sundays to sustain and I am happy to have accomplished the task by the time of writing this.

    I would rather call EGMP from PEMI, a career investment for anyone's present situation as well as for future. I had the fortune to learn the art of Management from the practitioners, which is the USP of PEMI. Simple, sharing and caring ambience. Every faculty carry tremendous knowledge / research experience in their respective subjects. Faculties come from respective industries; few of them are book authors and are multi-talented. One can ask any question to them to get doubts resolved then and there itself. Icing on the cake is Guest sessions by industry experts, Entrepreneurs, CXO's. Arrangements (R.S.V.P) to important seminars and events in the city are made to connect students with the Industry. All classes are conducted with proper pre-defined schedule in boardroom style. Institute is located in prime area and is well connected to education hub. PEMI has very polite and helpful staff who understands the needs of working executives.

    Studying with right company of genuine knowledge seekers is essential for self development unlike routine college atmosphere. I found a great network of friends at PEMI whose company I cherish always.

    Professor GNV's tireless efforts bring the best and relevance out of the faculty and connect well with the executive students' expectations. The materials and content provided are matching with rest of premium institutes standards. The course has been researched well by professors and delivered well unlike regular institutes which is a plus point. At PEMI fee is very affordable. I don't even call this as fee when compared to other similar institutes. The objective is to make the course affordable and sustainable without frills claimed by other high- cost management institutes. The fee amount collected justifies value for money.

    After completing the course, I am highly confident and I feel that I am empowered. Promise vs. Delivery? – One can get more than promised if one can use the time well and get involved.

    It is very much doable course for senior executives in spite of time constraint because of the flexibility offered in time table. My expectations are met and I feel it has already added value for my career. I would certainly recommend this course to techies.

  • Executive Name: Mr.Kumar Nailkar
    Contact Mail Id: kumar.nailkar@gmail.com
    Qualification: BE(Electronics)
    Cell no: +91-9880077172

    My name is Kumar Nailkar. I graduated with BE (Electronics and Telecommunication) from Mumbai University in the year 2003. I am working in semiconductor industry as R&D and design engineer.

    I was looking for opportunity to pursue Executive MBA studies to add value to myself in this competitive world to grow in career and also start my own company in future. I wanted to have real time learning experience of learning Management subjects during EMBA and PEMI helped me with real time contact classes from industry experts and experienced professors. The moot question in front of me was,” What is the use of having certificate from a University for name sake, when one does not know anything about reality of Business?” This was well answered at PEMI.

    I feel joining PEMI is one of my good decisions in life. EGMP from PEMI has increased my confidence. The act of attending classes on Sundays for a year itself, demonstrates how committed the people who opt for EGMP are to learn and grow in their careers as well as the commitment and Quality of Faculty. Professors at PEMI are industry experts and are always ready to clear any doubts any time. Guest session from CEO's, Authors, and Directors of companies was a great experience at PEMI.

    All classes are conducted with proper pre-defined schedule in boardroom style. Locality is at prime place in Bangalore. Prof G N Viswanth knows every student’s needs very well and helps to develop their aptitude. He always encouraged us to reach for greater heights in life/career/thinking being a role model himself. Fee is very nominal for contact classes EMBA and for the kind of expert faculty and facilities offered. These days LKG/UKG fees are of similar level (no kidding).Having done EGMP, my confidence has increased, my perspective of Business has changed because of genuine knowledge gained. I feel more confident about my future.

    The main takeaway from PEMI apart from knowledge is the company of likeminded friends who are motivated, cooperative, positive thinking and adventurous. That makes lot of difference when compared other setups.

    My suggestion to prospective students is: Be clear about why are you doing EMBA? Is it for self development or just certification? What are your expectations?  Access your strengths and weakness and available doable options before you and finally you are the best Judge for your decision!!

  • Executive Name: Mr.Pramod Bastawad
    Contact Mail Id: pramod.bastawad@gmail.com
    Qualification: BE(CS)
    Cell no: +91-9620959734

    My name is Pramod Bastawad. I am BE Computer Science engineer with more than 10 years of IT experience. I have worked in different technologies and domains like Aviation, Finance and I am currently working in Telecom GIS domain.

    I was looking for an MBA course to add value to my career and to start my own company in future. So I was in search of a weekend MBA course to really gain knowledge and not just an MBA certificate. My search ended when I came to know about EGMP by PEMI and met Prof. Viswanath. What motivated me to join the course is its unique way of learning via class room discussions and teaching by industry veterans.

    I am happy and satisfied about utilizing my Sunday effectively. As I was involved only in technical stuff in my day to day work, EGMP gave me new perspective of thinking and doing things and it has increased my Confidence.

    At PEMI all the faculties are well qualified and experienced. They have vast industry experience and they are truly inspiring. They not only cover the subjects but also share their experience relevant to the topics which is not possible to get in the text books. It was a pleasure to discuss real life issues with involved friendly peer group.

    The study materials and reference books provided are excellent and of premium standards. All the classes are conducted with proper pre-defined schedule in boardroom style.

    Prof Viswanath always treated each EGMP student very professionally and taken care of each student and their needs. He personally interacts with each student from time to time to get the feedback and always motivates us to reach new heights.

    The fee is very nominal when compared to other executive MBA courses and for the value EGMP carries.

    I am always very passionate about starting my own business and be my own boss. With this course I am now very confident to realise my dream in near future. EGMP course has delivered more than what I expected. I am happy that I took right decision by joining this course.

    The course provides discussion oriented classroom environment which is actually helped us to apply abstract ideas and think critically about what we learn. This kind of discussion oriented class room environment and learning from industry veterans is really worth.  I personally got benefitted by doing this course and highly recommend it to all the working professionals who want growth in their career or Wannapreneurs.

  • Executive Name: Mr.Anil Kumar
    Contact Mail Id: knv.anil.kumar@gmail.com
    Qualification: BE(Electronics)
    Cell no: +91-9741322774

    I’m Anil and I’m Graduate in Electronics and Telecommunications. I have 10 Years experience in Broadband and Broadcast domain in system integrations and Operations management.

    I was in search of a course with which I can meet my career aspirations in product and marketing management. During the discussion with Prof. G N Viswanath I realized that this course with focus on fundamentals and principles taught by senior faculty who excel in the subject and who are also industry experts helps me professionally. So with no hesitation I decided to join the course.

    I found that, effective time utilization of weekend with good network of friends who are industry experts and guidance from faculty in personal and professional career matters were the main benefits derived by doing EGMP. At PEMI.faculty have passion to deliver .There is a lot to learn [Beyond subject] from their experiences and pragmatic approaches towards problem solving and decision making. Ambience is of board room style of classes surrounded by good environment where one can focus and immerse in learning. Schedules are intimated by alerts to prepare students in advance.

    Prof G N Viswanth, Director is the mentor for all of us and he navigated the course to meet our expectations. The fee is competitive if you compare with other standard executive management teaching B schools.

    I certainly gained true confidence having successfully completed the course and I am, looking to fulfil my aspirations to reach higher management roles and be an entrepreneur.

    Yes. Its 100% doable. There is no over commitment and delivered beyond the assured.  Let’s try to make use of professor’s time and try to interact with them by bringing live cases on to the table. Be punctual. Dear prospective students, be clear of what you need and what your capabilities are and assess why you are doing the course.

  • Executive Name: Dr.Madhav Hegde
    Contact Mail Id: docmadhavhegde@gmail.com
    Qualification: MD(Medicine)
    Cell no: +91-9900956977

    I am Dr.Madhav Hegde, a healthcare professional with 15 years of experience. Currently I am a senior consultant in diagnostic radiology .I am avid academician and researcher with more than 15 publications in peer reviewed journals and popular textbooks. I have strong entrepreneurial instinct with startup experience.

    I was searching for an institute which is ideally located having flexible approach towards learning needs of executive students and PEMI was the best I could find after due diligence.

    I found learning basic managerial skills with impressive faculty and friendly peer group on a weekly basis was a joyful experience. This course made me feel more confident in handling routine and new challenges in my professional career as well as in my personal life. All the Faculty members were eminent and created nice platform for free exchange of views and helped in polishing my thought process. Being myself a professional, I found maintaining punctuality was a key attractive ingredient for mine as well as course success. The ambience, service and infrastructure are pleasing and conducive for Executive level MBA. Programme Director, Prof Viswanath is an inspiring figure. It was my meeting with him 5 years ago, that made me strongly think joining of an executive management programme. His experience in training hundreds of executives makes him special. Choice of subject, areas of emphasis, selection of faculty is optimal. His concern and respect executive’s needs and appreciation of constraints faced by working executives puts one at ease in the premises. The value derived from EGMP is immeasurable and beyond the scope of any ROI calculations!

    This course has definitely changed the way I approach problems and also has made me more effective to deal with the challenges faced in day to Management issues and also helps in startup environment.

    I would certainly recommend this programme strongly to everyone, being a Doctor myself, irrespective of their industry back ground,current knowledge domain, stage of career to grasp Business knowledge. This will certainly boost both professional and personal life.

  • Executive Name: Mr.Amir Khan
    Contact Mail Id: amiramjad.khan@gmail.com
    Qualification: BE(CS)
    Cell no: +91-9945070280

    My name is Amir. I am BE (Computer Science) with more than10 years of IT experience. I have worked in different technologies and domains like Embedded Systems, Telecom, automotive industry and currently I am working in Transportation domain.

    I was looking for doing an EMBA to add value to my career and start up my own company in future. So I was in search of a weekend EMBA course to really gain knowledge and not just an MBA certificate. My search ended when I came to know about EGMP by PEMI and met Prof. Viswanath Sir. What motivated me to join the course was its unique way of learning via class room discussions and teaching by industry veterans, flexibility offered to executives, timing of the classes on weekends.

    I am happy and satisfied about utilizing my Sundays effectively. As I was earlier involved only in carrying out technical stuff in my day to day work, EGMP gave me new perspective of thinking and doing things and it has increased my confidence.

    At PEMI all the faculty members are well qualified and experienced and cordial. They have vast industry experience and truly inspiring. They not only teach the subjects but also share their experience relevant to the topics on the fly which is not possible to get by reading the text books, course materials or by watching videos.

    At PEMI, service, infrastructure and staff are quiet adequate and conducive for intellectual discussions and helpful to cater to specific requirements of senior level executives. It was a great experience to be among friends who were always supportive and encouraging.

    Prof Viswanath Sir always treated each EGMP students very professionally and takes care of each students needs. He personally interacts with each student time to time to get the feedback and always motivates us to reach new heights He takes personal interest in each individual student, identifies his style of learning and what he lacks and accordingly advices them.

    The fees for such a unique, high end executive course is very nominal when compared to other executive MBA courses and for the value derived for EGMP from PEMI carries.

    I am always very passionate about starting my own business and be own boss I have already started working on it. With this course, I am now confident to realize my dreams in near future. EGMP course has delivered more than what I expected. I am happy that I took right decision by joining this course.

    The course provides discussion oriented classroom environment which has actually helped us to apply abstract ideas and think critically about what we learn. This kind of discussion oriented class room environment and learning from industry veterans is really worth.   I personally got benefitted by doing this course and highly recommend it to all the working professionals who want growth in their career.

    I have seen growth in myself both professionally and personally. The inputs and suggestions from Industry experts, guest faculties and Prudent Professors really helped me to implement learning at work place and got lot of appreciation from leadership team and the client. To mention a specific case, I could recently lead my team to get 100% satisfaction score in my recent project (CSAT) taking inputs from EGMP.

    For those who are yet to consider EGMP from PEMI, believe me, it is doable and profitable. It is really worth one’s time and effort and you will be improving your self-awareness which will enable you to be a better professional in your profession.

  • Executive Name: Vijith Kumar V
    Contact Mail Id: k.vijith07@gmail.com
    Designation and Organization:Regional Manager for US Sales; Microland
    Cell no: +91-9972730437

    I opted for joining an autonomous executive Management course because it provides the perfect bandwidth and balance between work and studies. I was able to acquire the acumen in business skills required for my role and Executive management identifies the right skills to be reflected at work and personal life.

    Prof. G N Viswanath is an Intuitive person and has been a good mentor for many managers across the MNCs. He has passion for helping individuals with work experience by showing the right path ahead. His responsibilities are paced up with his attitude towards positiveness. Viswanath Sir ensures that every student and other knowledge seeker's requirements are satisfied and follows up on all the details. He has excellent rapport, builds on relationships and ensures that his Clients and Students are kept updated and are comfortable with progress of knowledge acquisition. I would not hesitate to recommend him or to get guidance from his expert talk..."

  • Executive Name: Neel K Chakraborty
    Contact Mail Id: neil.chakraborty@gmail.com
    Designation and Organization: Program Manager at Unisys Global Services India
    Cell no: +91-9663385733

    The Best thing about Autonomous contact based one year program is that its content is up to date. It is different from University distance education course or E-Learning Programs where there is no personal touch and contents are updated after long periods.

    Opting Weekend contact based classroom training is very useful for executives who get back to academics after a long gap from studies. No one can learn effectively a practical subject like Management without attending classes and actively participating in live atmosphere. I wanted to acquire knowledge which is possible by classroom lectures by highly experienced Faculty. All the professors were able to explain the subject in the context of current business scenario. I feel this is very important because it helps us to connect with real life situations.

    In one word I would say I was upgraded by attending Executive Management course. Executive Management Program made me capable to understand how a complex business works. It builds capacity to become an Entrepreneur. Now I am more confident and can manage bigger tasks in professional life. I think it is a blessing in anyone's life.

    Prof G.N Vishwanath has always been with the students, trying to understand their issues and suggestions. He is always ready to help Students who are keen in acquiring knowledge. Prof Viswanath has guided us through difficult subjects and has described the best way to soak in knowledge like a sponge. He has always helped us to stay focussed on our Goal. He has truly demonstrated that it is not enough to get good grades but acquired knowledge must be applied in real life.

  • Executive Name: Jishnu Kumar B
    Contact Mail Id: jishnu68@gmail.com
    Designation and Organization: Business development manager, Diagnosys Electronics (P) Ltd
    Cell no: +91-9945228568

    Executive Management Programmes are designed for working professionals, who are already in the industry and have faced the complexities of the business. What professionals look for is a solution crafted to the market needs. An autonomous Institution can certainly address the current demands of the industry. The weekend contact classes are certainly a boon for the working professionals. It improves the learning process and helps to grasp the complexities of business through discussions.

    My observation is that we are successful in our domain & enjoy what we do now. But when we start analyzing what is in store for us in next 5-10 years in our career we tend to go blank. I started asking myself- Am I ready to take up a larger role in the industry? Am I catching up with the ever demanding needs of the industry? Thanks to Prof. G N Viswanath. I could find a solution to my problems by joining an Executive Management course. It provided me a road map for my career planning & goal setting.

    I owe my sincere regards to Prof GN Viswanath. He had been insisting me to take up the course ever since I started interacting with him. Initially I was quite busy with my office schedule and could not find time on Saturdays. I joined the course 2 years later after organizing my schedule on the weekends. Today I express my sincere gratitude to this visionary. This course has changed my outlook. Today I can confidently define myself, list out the area of improvements and plan my career goals more effectively.

  • Executive Name: Pushpavathi H.S
    Contact Mail Id: pshprenuka@yahoo.co.in
    Designation and Organization: Sr. Accountant, BIG BAGS INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTD
    Cell no: +91-9538105989

    I found Executive Management course very much useful for my career growth. After completing this course, I got a good job and now I am placed very well. During our course Prof. G N Viswanath's constant support and encouragement made us to successfully complete the course and realize our dreams.

  • Executive Name: Rashmi Lakshminarasimha
    Contact Mail Id: rashu21jan@gmail.com
    Designation and Organization:Entrepreneur, Real Estate

    Prof. G N Viswanath’s ability and commitment towards conducting senior executive courses is deep rooted. His timely guidance has benefitted many budding executives to prepare them for the challenges in this competitive world.

    He has facilitated the Executive Management Education with an Intellectual framework which has helped many executives like us to channelize our energies properly in our chosen profession.

    In today's world of competition, there is a need to shackle off old method of conventional education system and start new trend. This executive course will benefit many executives and also fulfil the need of the Industry.

  • Executive Name: Harish Walawalkar
    Contact Mail Id: exe.coaches@gmail.com
    Designation and Organization: Executive and Life Coach

    Prof. G N Viswanath is a committed individual, and a very good 'Sales' person. I know he may not like to be called one, but this is a true compliment, especially since it is coming from another 'Sales' person. Having a core competency in Sales, I could see how effectively he followed a process of addressing my concerns (as a prospective student) and then actually getting me excited to attend the classes. The best part is that he lived up to his promises and I am so glad I signed in.


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