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PEMI Courses





PEMI is a quality driven educational organisation 
dedicated to help  true and genuine  professionals who believe in self development to acquire Industry standard qualifications.

Admission open for EGMP: Executive General Management Programme.

(Weekend Courses)




Are you asking yourself any of following questions  recently?  

  • How to improve my performance in job and prepare for performance review for next promotion by demonstrating success in my Key Result Areas to increase my chances of promotion?

  • Will acquiring higher management qualification like executive MBA help me in my career growth?

  • Which management  institute to join for acquiring  “Part time one year”  Executive  General Management course (EGMP) for an affordable fee by attending contact classes on weekends instead of correspondence and distance mode MBA courses offered by universities and internet based  management  courses ?

  • How  to develop a professional network, study Management education in the company of like-minded mature senior level professionals, brain storm management ideas and concepts with variety of industry experts supported by experienced senior professors?

  • Which is the institute where professionals are encouraged to open up their minds, encouraged to discuss and solve practical management problems faced in work life in day to day activities unlike regular colleges where rote learning is practiced?

  • How and where I can develop my potential, hone my leadership skills, improve my analytical and presentation skills under expert guidance to move to higher level leadership roles? 
  • Where I can genuinely learn much needed current management skills and knowledge and also acquire valuable qualification suitable for my career growth in my chosen field required and recognized by my industry?

  • Where can I master the subject to gain confidence to nurture my entrepreneurial abilities by attending regular classes on weekends  

  • Which institute will offer flexible time tables and on demand exams, considering my time availability and frequent travel commitments?

  • Where can I get guidance for my career planning to get a job of my liking and interest? Who can be my mentor? Where will I be free to discuss my needs and will be heard?

  • How to make transition from technical work domain to senior management cadre and business development roles?
  • where can I get additional quality coaching for acquiring not only management knowledge but also use the inputs to do well in distance mode MBA and regular MBA courses conducted by universities?

If these questions are on top of the mind, then Executive General Management Programme (EGMP) course from  Prudent Executive Management Institute, PEMI is the right option  for you !

In general, If you are a genuine student, who believes in self development, mature, responsible, disciplined, inherently capable, and dedicated to learn the Management insights in a disciplined way, for your career progress and respect the authority of your teachers, unlike people who look for only a qualifying degree for qualification sake only, then you are encouraged to enroll for courses conducted by Prudent Executive Management Institute.  


Talk to us. Let us help you to successfully achieve your management educational goals. 

— Prudent Executive Management Institute (PEMI) 
Registered under MSME Act 2006: Govt Of INDIA